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We aim to be the first - one stop shop for all your galvanised or black malleable pipe fittings, airlines, push in fittings, PCL, valves & gauges, brass fittings, hydraulic fittings, etc then just have a look at our really low prices with most items available from a huge stock range. The vast majority of our Malleable Iron Fittings are European Made quality!

We have a simple delivery charge of only £7.59 for all fittings and tube and £8.99 for orders which include 3.25m lengths of malleable pipe. Next day delivery up to 5:30pm (for orders placed before 3:30pm, not inc Saturday or Sunday) England, Scotland, Wales and Scottish Lowlands. (Prices will vary on location for 6.4m lengths of pipe as these have to be shipped by haulage)

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Please be sure you have the correct sizes, click here for size chart if you have any doubts 


 Equal ElbowsEqual Elbows

 Unequal ElbowsUnequal Elbows

 Equal TeesEqual Tees

 Unequal TeesUnequal Tees

 All NipplesNipples

 Reducing BushReducing bush


 Reducing SocketsRedcing nipples


 Plugs & CapsPlugs & Caps

Clamps & BracketsClamps & brackets

 Malleable PipeMalleable pipe

 Valvesball valves, pcls


 Tubes & HosesPipe, Rubber, nylon , copper etc

 Brass FittingsBrass Fittings

Air PreparationFilters, Regulators, Lubricators

John Guest
RingmainJohn Guest Ringmain 

 John Guest PlumbingJohn Guest Plumbing

 Transair Ringmain



 ConsumablesConsumables, tape, sealants, kits etc



 Material conforms to ISO 5922, Grade 40-5.Thread : BS21 & ISO7
Temperature : -30°C to 120°C, Pressure : 25 bar


Special Offer - Electronic Autodrain

We have a new high quality electronic Autodrain for use on air receivers, filter housings, dryers regardless of size or capacity. Comes with a huge brass body for larger porting and extra strength. 240v and 1/2" bsp ports